Why Real Fur and Leather

I have chosen to use real fur and leather for my projects for a variety of reasons and I have received  nasty comments on some projects.

Faux furs and many synthetic fibers/materials are made from oil, coal, and toxic chemicals.  Oil is extracted from the earth, shipped around the world, and put through toxic chemical processes to become an object that will take thousands of years to biodegrade.  The manufacturing typically takes place in poor countries and – depending on the material made – the workers can have prolonged exposure to carcinogenic chemicals and pollution. 

I use real leather and fur to make long lasting high quality items.  The hides of animals such as cows, sheep, and rabbits are a by-product of our food chain that are processed (tanned) for use instead of being discarded as garbage.  

I use the hides in the most efficent way possible to limit waste.

I also avoid synthetic fibers used to make woven/knit fabric such as acrylic, polyester, and rayon – including bamboo.  Bamboo has been promoted as eco-friendly and is no different than any other rayon fabric.

If you still disagree with my use of natural materials instead of synthetics, please ask yourself if you are okay with part of an animal being discarded as waste (when it could be used for something more) and prefer to use material that will not last as long, supports oil drilling, and will lay in a landfill for eternity.