November 1, 2015


As the trick-or-treating quieted down in the neighborhood and the sky darkened, I sat down in my living room and watched one of my favorite movies.

For me, Donnie Darko is the only Halloween movie worth watching. I saw the movie for the first time when I was in college; It was unlike any other movie I had seen to that point and it changed the way I looked at the people and world around me. I have been moving my copy of the director’s cut DVD with me through the last 3 states that I have lived but I had not watched it in years. This Halloween I watched it again. As the movie began I realized I had lost many of the plot details in the several years I went without watching it, so in many ways I was seeing it again for the first time. The characters I liked before, I liked more now; the characters I disliked before I definitely hated this time around (oh Mrs. Farmer). The story resonated with me for different reasons this time but the world needs heros like Donnie. Even if the storyline doesn’t resonate with you, the cinematography and soundtrack alone make the movie worth watching.