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You Can Find Me Out Here

October 23, 2015


When I was 14, I decided I wanted to play tennis and joined the tennis team at school. I only ended up playing on the school team for one year because the following year I tried out for and made the dance team. The dance team season began in late April with try outs, practices started in May, we trained through the summer and performed at football games before our state competition in December, then there were basketball games to perform at, and the season finally wrapped up in late February. It didn’t leave time to participate in anything else so for a while I left tennis behind. Never the less, the tennis court is still one of my favorite places to be on a lovely afternoon and I keep finding myself there. I’m lucky to live in a city with a beautiful, huge city park with well maintained courts that are free to use.

Wanna play a match?

Diary Fashion Inspiration

Current Mood: Mod

March 15, 2015

After getting rid of cable tv two years ago, I began watching more tv out of the UK because of how much of it was available on Hulu and YouTube. It was an easy move from watching British tv to listening to more British musicians. Music influences fashion and my personal fashion is no exception. 1960’s inspired mod fashion comes and goes in men’s fashion fairly often (you can always find at least one male musician inspired by the early Beatles looks) but it is much less likely to appear in women’s fashion.

Despite the lack of 60’s inspired fashion for women being common, I’ve felt the pull to dress more mod and this music is the reason.

Miles Kane.

And the project by Miles Kane and Alex Turner: The Last Shadow Puppets

How could you watch this era of Franz Ferdinand performances and not want to wear a color blocked mod silhouetted look?

I want to fill my wardrobe with simple dresses with mod silhouettes and dresses with mod color blocking. The green/blue tartan fabric laying on the floor in my sewing room is waiting to be made into a mod dress with lovely white collar and cuffs.

Oh yeah, and then there is the bit about watching Jean-Luc Godard films. If I watch enough 60’s French cinema I’ll remember all the French I learned in high school but since forgot, right?



March 17, 2014

Spring is nearly here and all I can think about is wearing lightweight dresses and spending time on the beach. In the part of the country I live in currently we had a colder than average winter.  It seemed to bother those around me much more than it bothered me.  I like the seasonal transition due solely on my excitement about styling my next season outfits.  In 6 months I’ll be thinking about the layers of tights and sweaters I will be donning.  Right now I keep thinking about hats to protect me from the sun and adorable shorts with light weight shirts.


Impatience and Influences

January 11, 2014

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I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions.  If you think you need to make changes in your life there is no point in putting off making changes until January 1st of any given year.  With that being said, there is something refreshing about beginning a new year.  One has 365 days to claim a particular activity, change, or accomplishment happened in a universally understood frame of time that can be viewed consistently in relation to current time to place it in an appropriate context.   It makes telling the story later on easier.  

Much of my life has been in chaos over the last 6 months.  I have hardly had time to make much of anything. However, I am getting back into things.  With +6 months of pent up creative energy I have become a chronic project starter.  I’m feeling impatient.  I want to start working on all the new ideas while not completing many projects.  But I will get there, I will complete each and every one of them.

The brilliant thing about moving is you have the opportunity to develop new and better habits.  For me this means better organization of my work space and materials, and not getting into the routine of distracting myself.  For the first time in my life, I do not have cable TV.  I’ve been without cable for 3 months and I’m so far down the rabbit hole of bizarre TV on Hulu and YouTube that I never want to return to “normal” TV viewing.  Shows and videos I am watching are inspiring me think about life things in new ways and are changing how I view my roll in the world.

And with that, I’m not going to declare that I am beginning a new phase in my life because no matter what time keeps passing and I keep evolving.  I am the sum of all of my influences and those influences grow and change with every day as I move through the world and this life.  I’m not going to say that 2014 is going to be the best year yet because there is no way to know that.  All I can do is continue to work on my projects and attempt to have a positive impact on the world. 


Another Chapter Begins

May 30, 2013

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I lived in Chicago for three years. Within the first 6 months I lived there I had decided that this was not the city for me. It was fun for a while. I lived in a fun neighborhood of young single adults. I was walking distance to several music venues and great shopping.

And then young families moved into the area in droves.  While walking to get groceries I used to pass good looking people with great fashion sense.  Then it turned into a battle of dodging strollers and getting yelled at by a parent when the child they were dragging along and not paying attention to ran into the shopping bag I was carrying.

I never settled in to Chicago.  I could never commit to purchasing a Chicago Card for using public transportation or buying the IPass for speedy passage through the toll booths.  I simply could not commit.

I also struggled to make a living in Chicago.  The full-time positions I was offered did not pay enough to cover my basic bills to live in a safe neighborhood.  I worked a part-time job that ran very hot and cold for how many hours I would work on any given week.

I wasn’t sure about what was going to push me to actually leave Chicago until it came along.  Just as I had decided it was time to leave I began a series of interviews with a company I had wanted to work for for a very long time.  Despite the interview process beginning in Chicago, the position I was ultimately offered was not in Chicago/surrounding suburbs but in a city a few hours east and near where some of my family lives.  I accepted the job and quickly wrapped up things in Chicago.

The Chicago Chapter of my life is officially closed and I have very complicated feelings about my time there. I know I will not settle long term in the new place I’m living but it is a good resting point in life where I can travel and find new adventures.


Christmas in Chicago

December 24, 2012

Chicago takes Christmas very seriously.  Every year I spend a day in downtown viewing and enjoying the holiday experience. The photos are from the Christkindlmarket, Macy’s on State Street, Downtown Chicago, and Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo.  The video below is clips I took at the Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza.


The Way Things Will Be

September 27, 2012

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I’m currently living in Chicago.  This will not be the last city I live in.  This city is great in many ways but it is not a place I feel like I could be a part of for long.  People have been pressuring me to buy a place to live here (so I don’t throw money away on rent).  I haven’t decided if I am going to stay in Chicago for another 6 months or 6 years. The people pressuring me to buy a home don’t understand why I won’t settle down (or can’t understand my courage to just pick up and start over somewhere else).  I don’t see any benefit to settling down at this point in my life – or possibly ever

Presently I am trying to reduce how much stuff I own so it is easier for me to move or travel or change.  You would be amazed at how well I can dodge offers from people willing to hand over unused furniture when I mention how little I own.  I’m well into my “adult” years and have lived in the same apartment for over 2 years.  My furniture collection consists of 
a small lightweight vintage couch 
a coffee table
a patterning table
2 small desks from Ikea (1 for my computer, 1 that 6 sewing machines share in rotation)
and a mattress (without frame).  
I keep my clothing in a few vintage suitcases, my books in stacks on the floor or in boxes (on the floor) and I’m lucky to have a kitchen large enough to hold my crazy good set of kitchen equipment.  

Despite everyone acting like I can’t take care of myself, I have enough to do everything I need to do and the things I own hardly own me (I’m one small storage unit away from wandering the globe).  I’m not sure my wanderlust will ever go away or if I just haven’t found the right place for me yet.