March 23, 2017

A little more than a year ago, my Mitsubishi died. Like, towed it to the junkyard died. I purchased that car when I was 19 years old and drove it until the timing belt broke and messed up the engine beyond a reasonable repair cost. I purchased a very nice but utterly boring car in a boring color (“No one will be looking at you”). It is nice to drive, and it has horsepower of 160 which makes it very easy to drive but has a noticeable (to me anyway) 60 horsepower drop from my previous car.

Maybe I have watched Pretty in Pink one too many times with the emphasis on Blane’s BMW and iconic scene of Andi and Blane in front of his car but I have had BMWs on my mind lately.


A car lot that I drive by regularly has a cute little ’87 BMW 735i for sale for a low but reasonable price for the milage and condition of the car. It is more of a ‘grocery getter’ BMW and not the flashy fun sporty style that I am typically drawn to but it still has horsepower on par with my Mitsubishi and a very nice classic interior. I keep thinking about how fun it would be to drive and how cute it would look repainted mint green, lilac purple, or one of those awesome iridescent paint colors that are stupidly expensive but look great.

I know it is unlikely I will actually inquire about the car. I have embarked on a very large project that would back-burner a car project for minimum a year but it is fun to think about.